Self-guided French Camino Tours

French Camino: Sarria-Santiago (Short Stages)

pilgrim posing in front of statues along the Camino de Santiago

Embark on a transformative journey along the Camino de Santiago, starting from the quaint town of Sarria. With shorter, manageable stages, this tour is perfect for seniors and those preferring a relaxed pace. Traverse serene landscapes, charming hamlets, and historic monuments, savoring each moment of your journey. Meet fellow travelers, each with their own inspiring stories and let the Camino etch an unforgettable chapter in your life’s journey.


French Camino: León - Santiago

Cathedral of Leon on el Camino de Santiago
Travel back in time as you journey through Northern Spain walking the Camino de Santiago. Our Leon Camino is ideal for the adventurous spirit who enjoys learning about the history and culture of a place, while experiencing the best of Spain's local cuisine, staying in exclusive accommodations and finding those secret places that only local experts can provide. We have carefully chosen this unique journey to allow you to be immersed in a thousand-year-old tradition that has the power to transform the spirit and leave you with a memorable experience.

French Camino: O Cebreiro - Santiago

palloza in o cebreiro

O Cebreiro, known for its straw roof houses (pallozas), is located on the Galicia border, about 95 miles (150Km) from Santiago. This section of the French route will have you descend from the mountains from the highest point of the Camino in Galicia, through beautiful landscapes and fertile valleys to the city of Santiago. You will have the opportunity to visit sights along the way like the benedictine Monastery of Samos. It is a great route for those willing to explore the French camino beyond the last 100Km.


Last 100 Km: Sarria - Santiago

pilgrim walking along the camino

Sarria is a great starting point as it is a large town and has everything you need to set out on your journey. This route will take you 70 miles (115 km) along the French route in the Galician region, through green landscapes and lush forests to Santiago during a five-day walk. It is a great route to become acquainted with the Camino. This trip makes you eligible to obtain your Compostela certificate when you arrive in Santiago.


Our self-guided caminos include:

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