Sarria - Portomarín

Sarria to Portomarín, Spain
Church of San Salvador in Sarria
Church of San Salvador

Romanesque Church in town with rectangular floorplan and a barrel vault.There's a great wooden altarpiece from the late Romanesque inside. Great place to get your first stamp on your pilgrim passport.

Convent of Mary Magdalen in Sarria
Convent of Mary Magdalen

Founded in the 13th century by Italian pilgrims of the order of Christ's Martyrs. The cloister is in the Romanesque-Gothic transitional style while the facade dates from the Renaissance. Members of noble families are buried inside.

Elevation Profile
Stage Profile
  • 14 miles (22 km)
  • 4-5 hours

Easy hiking day, with moderate slopes. The first 8 miles go up and down so you won’t be able to get into your rhythm but more uniform after that.

Why start in Sarria?

Sarria is strategically placed just over the 100Km mark away from Santiago which is the minimum distance to be covered in your pilgrimage for you to be eligible to receive the completion certificate (la Compostela) once you reach Santiago. For this reason, it is the ideal starting place for new Camino walkers.

It is also recommended as starting point for those walking by themselves, as there are plenty of other pilgrims on this route to walk with. You will start your walk here but this stage is part of the longer Camino Francés, so you will find pilgrims that have been on route for many days.

Description of the stage

This stage will take you through a rural route, unlike later stages that stay close to the road. The day starts at one of the most beautiful oak groves in El Camino. Along the way, you will see Romanesque building remains, rustic crossings and a medieval bridge together with several historical sites like the church of Santiago de Barbadelo or the church of San Fiz de Reimondez. As you reach the end of the stage you will cross over the Miño river. Might present challenges with rain, as muddy trails are more cumbersome to navigate.