Sarria - Morgade

Sarria - Morgade
Mosterio da Madalena
Convent of Mary Magdalen in Sarriá

Founded in the 13th century by Italian pilgrims of the order of Christ's Martyrs. The cloister is in the Romanesque-Gothic transitional style while the facade dates from the Renaissance. Members of noble families are buried inside.

elevation profile for the sarria morgade stage
Stage Profile
  • 7.6 miles (12 km)
  • 3-4 hours

Easy hiking day, with moderate slopes. There are some up and downs at the beginning, so it will take some time to get into your rhythm.

Our first day on el Camino! In Sarria we will see the first cross or cruceiro, located on a vantage point above the city. Then after we pass by Mary Magdalen's convent, we will leave the city through the medieval bridge Ponte Aspera. We will be walking through meadows and chestnut forests most of the way, perfect places to enjoy your picnic lunch. We will also see some of our first hórreos (granaries) along the way as we reach the official 100Km marker.