Palas de Rei - Melide

Palas de Rei - Melide, Spain
Church of St Tirso
Church of St Tirso

Built in the 12th Century, it has been rebuilt over the years, but it conserves the original entryway. The portal is enclosed by semicircular arches with checquered patterns. The rest of the church is neoclassical, including the bell tower.

Melindres (dessert)
Melindres (dessert)

Sweet glazed mini donuts made with eggs and flour characteristic of Melide. Worth trying together with the "ricos" as you make a stop in town.

Stage Profile Palas-Melide
Stage Profile
  • 9.2 miles (15 km)
  • 3-4 hours

Short, flat stage in preparation for the next. Well conserved trails between eucalyptus trees and beautiful scenery.

Description of the stage

Palas de Rei, the old residence of the visigoth king Witiza in the 8th century where you can visit the church of St. Tirso, will be your starting point.

During this stage you will leave the Lugo province and enter A Coruña, where Santiago de Compostela is located. This stage ends in Melide, an important town where both the Northern Camino and the Camino Primitivo merge with the French. For this reason you will find that there are more pilgrims on the following stages until you arrive in Santiago. We recommend to enjoy the food in this town, as Melide is famous for its pulpo a feira (octopus) and melindres (dessert).