O Pedrouzo - Lavacolla

O Pedrouzo - Lavacolla
san paio church in lavacolla
San Paio's church

San Paio, built in 1840, has a rectangular floorplan with a triangular shape under the bell tower. A few yards on the side you can find a cross that represents a sitting Christ.

Elevation Profile O Pedrouzo Lavacolla
Stage Profile
  • 6 miles (11 km)
  • 3 hours

A very short stage today at 6 miles, it can be completed comfortably in 3 hours. A couple of short climbs at the beginning but nothing too challenging.

Today we will be crossing into the Santiago province, a reminder that we are getting close to our final destination. Beautiful eucalyptus forests will surround us during most of the stage. As we approach the main road, we'll see small crosses that travelers have attach to the barriers as symbols of their pilgrimage.