O Cebreiro - Triacastela

O Cebreiro - Triacastela
Santa Maria Real church in o cebreiro
Site of the Eucharistic Miracle

Santa Maria Real is the site of the Eucharistic miracle. Dated from the year 1300, this is the oldest monument from el Camino that is fully preserved. Inside, together with the relics, there are two chapels, a large baptismal font and a statue of the Virgin of O Cebreiro.

mountain landscape view from o cebreiro mountain
Views from the top

One of the magical villages in el Camino, so authentic with its pallozas (straw-roofed houses) and site of the Eucharistic miracle. If weather permits, you can see the most breathtaking views in el Camino from the top.

stage elevation vs distance plot o cebreiro triacastela
Stage Profile
  • 14.5 miles (20.8 km)
  • 4-5 hours

Starts on high at O Cebreiro with many up and downs. First 2/3 of the stage are over 3400ft. First you climb alto de San Roque and after that, the Alto del Poio at 3480 ft. From there it continues downhill until Triacastela. The slopes are not pronounced but they are frequent. Weather can be a bit uncomfortable at certain times in the year with snow or strong winds. Difficulty is average.

Description of the stage

O Cebreiro is where el Camino crosses into the Galicia region and where we will start our walk. We will see the impresive pallozas (straw-roofed houses) and visit the sanctuary of the Eucharistic miracle before we set out on our way to Triacastela. Today we start up high and will go through some up and downs until we will reach Alto de Poio, the highest peak of el camino in Galicia at 4380ft with amazing views. It's all downhill from there through forests and the river valley.