Renovations Update (Sep 2019)

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side view

Cathedral Renovations

pilgrims on obradoiro square by Santiago cathedral
Santiago's cathedral view from bottom

August and early September have seen a very busy Camino. Even with the pilgrim mass being relocated to San Francisco Church, there was a line around the block to hug the Saint and see the remains of St. James inside the Cathedral in Santiago.

It was good to see the scaffolding removed from the front of the cathedral, but renovations continue on the sides and back of the church to prepare for the 2021 holy year.

A few travelers who booked self-guided tours from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port have reported that other walkers have been unable to find accommodations in some of the towns because of the number of people. We always recommend booking ahead no matter where you’re starting or the time of year you’re walking. Just knowing you don’t have to rush, and a nice bed is waiting makes the journey even more meaningful. You’re able to focus on just the walking, the people and the tradition and not have to worry about where you’re staying that night.

If you’re wanting to complete a self-guided tour, we’ll have some information posted on our website soon, but in the meantime contact us and we can put an itinerary together for you.

All our guided tours for 2020 are posted and some have sold out already. When you see this on the website it means we’ll be taking a parish or school group, or a larger group of friends. We still have individual spots available and so far, it looks like availability is good. Buen Camino, friends.

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