Five Reasons to walk el Camino

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Palas de Rei

Church cloister in Sarria
Camino landscape
cow in pasture

Top 5 reasons to walk el Camino:

  1. Get away from it all and disconnect
  2. Rediscover the excitement of meeting new people
  3. Experience the feeling of achievement
  4. Become part of a tradition that has existed for centuries
  5. Contemplate the beauty of nature and the world around us

Get away from it all and disconnect

Daily life is stressful and busy. My favorite type of weekends or holidays is when I can just chill and have nothing pending or planned. Walking the Camino literally makes you disconnect. There no WiFi on the path and the scenery and physical hike takes all of your attention. This helps you connect to yourself and release the daily stress.

Rediscover the excitement of meeting new people

It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there, but while walking the Camino, everyone who’s with you, passes you, or you meet on the way, become instant friends. It’s something about the physical aspect of walking, the inward journey everyone is taking and the solidarity of the journey that brings people together. The term that people say to each other, buen Camino, becomes so joyous and motivating to continue on. Then we you renter the “real world” and talk about the Camino, anyone that’s ever done it and yourself have that special connection too.

Sense of physical achievement

I’ve always wanted to run a marathon or do some notable physical achievement. But unfortunately, I don't like running and lacked motivation for that. Walking the Camino was difficult, but fun, and completely doable even if you’re not the most athletic. You may have to walk 20 miles one day, but you literally have the whole day to do it with lots of breaks and stops along the way. I’m always impressed and grateful for my ability to walk the Camino and It makes me appreciate what I am capable of.

Become part of an ancient tradition

There is something magical about taking part in a 1000-year-old pilgrimage. And when walking the Camino you can feel the authenticity and history because northern Spain really hasn’t changed that much in a 1000 years. You can feel all the people who have come before you and the medieval bridges and towns allow you to go back in time to when life was simpler.

Beauty of nature and the world around us

The Camino is simply beautiful. The rolling hills, the changing from Oak tree to Eucalyptus trees, the animals, bridges, towns, hórreos... all of it is beautiful and inspiring. I often take breaks on the Camino just to sit and appreciate the beauty around me. Even when it’s foggy or raining it’s magical.

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