Keeping pilgrims safe in times of COVID-19

Dear Friends,

The world seems a little fragile now but we are starting to recover and seeing that restrictions are being lifted. Even so, things on the Camino will look a little different and we want to keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Santiago is in the Galicia region in Spain, which has entered phase 2 of the re-opening process. Beaches are open, so are restaurants and malls with access restricted to 40% capacity. Portugal has not been as significantly impacted as Spain and is subject to less restrictive control measures. Spain has announced that it plans to open up to tourists on July 1 so activity will slowly be picking up on el Camino for the summer.

There are new policies and common-sense practices that hotels and pilgrims will follow:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided in the common areas in hotels and restaurants.
  • Breakfast buffets will be replaced with an individual served breakfast.
  • Clear indications in the common areas to keep at least 1 meter distance between travelers.
  • Luggage will be disinfected everyday.
  • For private transfers, all vehicles and materials will be cleaned daily and disinfected. 

Walking the Camino will be the same as there is always enough room to walk around people and the Camino is outside in the fresh air. Outdoor seating will be offered when available and weather permitting and cafes and restaurants can prepare picnics and food to go. 

We don't use Albergues (public hostels) but they will have a tough time conforming to current regulations, since they usually have many people per room and many share a bathroom. They may have to limit capacity and thus people will turn to private accommodations like ours, so availability will be very limited. The days of just walking the Camino without booking ahead or hoping to find a shared room are over for the time being. It’s strongly advised to book well in advance and with a company that has high standards. 

Here at Hike the Way our goal is giving you the best Camino experience possible. We want our travelers to only have to walk and enjoy the magic of the Camino. If you have any questions or suggestions during this time, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to support you!

Buen Camino, friends. 
Jackie Dumoit, CEO and Founder

Hike The Way

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