Keeping pilgrims safe in times of COVID-19

Updated June 23rd, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we are in the midst of the 2022 travel season, we commit to do our best to update this section on our site, but please make sure to always read the official policies in place to see what Covid-related requirements apply to you for entry in Spain at the time of your travel as requirements may be made more stringent or relaxed from one day to the next.

You may want to check with your airline as well, as they should be communicating to you what requirements you need to meet to travel with them.

As of the date of this update, all US travelers must complete a Health Control Form (HCF) no earlier than 48hrs before travel using the Spain Travel Health website or app. Entry requirements regarding vaccination or testing will be available on this page.

Upon completion, the form will generate a QR code which must be shown upon arrival in the country. Depending on the country of origin, travelers may be required to satisfy specific requirements.

What about other Covid policies once you have entered Spain and are walking el Camino? Spain has relaxed the mask mandates somewhat, but it is still mandatory to wear a mask inside hospitals and pharmacies, and aboard all public transportation (including taxis). Spaniards are more observant with these policies than you might be used to in the US. Also, if you are flying on the local airline Iberia, mask mandates are enforced (even if you are traveling from/to the US).

Otherwise, things on the Camino are back to normal. There are new policies and common-sense practices that hotels and pilgrims follow:

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided in the common areas in hotels and restaurants.
  • Breakfast buffets will be generally replaced with an individual breakfast.
  • Clear indications in the hotel common areas to keep at least 1 meter distance between travelers.

Walking the Camino in 2022 is an experience as exciting as ever, especially since it is a Holy Year! 

We don't use Albergues (public hostels) on our tours but they will have a tougher time conforming to current regulations, since they usually have many people per room and many share a bathroom. Albergues might limit capacity and thus people will turn to private accommodations like ours, so availability will be limited.

As for your return to the US, good news! The CDC lifted the requirement for a negative Covid test for your return mid June, so you can travel freely back home. Be sure to check with your airline and the CDC for entry requirements since these might have changed at the time of your flight.

We know travelers might still be concerned about traveling abroad. Here at Hike the Way our goal is giving you the best Camino experience possible. We want our travelers to only have to walk and enjoy the magic of the Camino. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to support you!

Buen Camino, friends. 
Jackie Dumoit, CEO and Founder

Hike The Way